I want to tell your story


 What makes my heart happy? Couples who hold love and romance dear to their hearts. Who laugh out loud. Who hold hands every chance they get. Who know how to sit still, but at any given moment will dance their hearts out. When I get paired up with a couple like this, magic happens...

My passion lies within the opportunity to create a beautiful piece of art that will last throughout your lifetime, but also through generations of children and grandchildren. I want to create an intimate and personal experience for each couple so that your true self can shine through your photographs.


featured works

Callie + mike


hannah + neil

Sheryl + Steve


marisa + travis

Brittiny + jase


life + love


"I see the doorway to a thousand churches in your eyes."


Notes from our clients…

"It cannot be overstated how truly perfectly Janelle captured our wedding experience.  Her style is an expertly polished balance of intimate and formal; her ability to capture candids from seemingly every vantage point at once continues to mystify us. To this day, friends and family remark how amazing she was and we couldn’t agree more."