meet janelle


I don’t think there is anyone who would be surprised to hear that I am a wedding photographer. I have a tender heart for intimate, romantic weddings that envelope the beauty that is Mother Nature. One day I will have my very own flower garden, so that during the summer, I can have fresh cut flowers on my table every day.I will always appreciate small, sweet gestures.  I adore vintage lace, and Paris is my favourite city. 

I choose LOVE every time. 

I grew up in a big family with all sorts of love built in. My family means the world to me. They are my heart. And it’s no secret that I have been completely lucky in love. Once upon a time at a Mexican restaurant I met the most amazing man who I now get to call my husband. And we have the sweetest, the most hilarious, most beautiful little girl who I love more than I can ever say.


I became a photographer a little bit by accident. I applied to school to be a writer/journalist, took a few photography courses throughout the first year, and completely fell in love with being in the dark room. I had the opportunity to learn my skills with film photography. Watching the image come to life in the dark room was such a beautiful part of the creative process. One that I miss, but I do love the opportunities that have been born into the digital world of photography! Having the opportunity to blend my knowledge, my creativity and technology has been incredible. 

Here I am, many years later, proud to call myself a wedding photographer. I feel honoured to be invited into the lives of my clients. Helping them celebrate one of the most important days of their lives. Documenting the moments, capturing their story, turning the beauty of the day into a keepsake for them to cherish for always.