10 days away

It's been over a week since I last blogged, and I am not happy with myself! Admittedly, I have been busy, but I wish I had made time to blog. Or even if I had been proactive and had pre-blogged (I see some peeps doing this, and I think…wow. I need to try to be that organized!), but obviously, this did not happen. So I will start THIS week off with a blog ABOUT last week, and try to make up for lost writing! So what did I do? I spent my time in Vancouver. My brother Mark is creating a fab website (with Christina) which he needed some photos for. We have come up with a really fun idea, and I think this project will work out amazing. When it is complete, we will definitely share! Also, my friend Claire needed some images for her new website (which is also being created by Christina), and that was so fun! She totally rocked the blue-steel look for me.

But, I was mainly in town for a seminar that made this non-morning girl get up at 6:15 every morning and not get home until 7pm at night...whew.

During my down-time, I was able to take in some incredible yoga classes, watch the sun set over English Bay, go for runs and walks along the coast, and just spend some needed time in the city. Here are a couple of iPhone photos on one of my many evening walks. This night, I stood and watched the sun slowly fade behind the clouds while I thought about... a little nothing a lot of everything.

And I came across these chairs along the walkway all with beautiful words written on them. I love love love this part of Vancouver; the random little things that make you want to stop, sit, and think about your life. Plan, make goals, appreciate things that we can often take for granted.

Vancouver is like a second home to me. Not only did I have a cozy place to rest my head at night, but I had the best company surrounding me. It always makes me think of what home is, and I think home is the people who surround you.

But I will admit, when I did actually 'come home' last night, I felt my soul take a deep breath. Having my hubby waiting for me with a big hug...well there isn't much better than that.