17 months

It is surreal how quickly my little beauty is growing up. A year ago, she was still just this tiny little babe on the floor of our home, rolling around, goo-gooing at me. Now, she is this fierce, beautiful, full-of-life little girl. We used to pop her in the stroller and walk the streets of our neighbourhood with her babbling away. Now, we chase behind her, teaching her about bugs, sticks, rocks... she especially loves rocks. And I mean chasing! She is getting so fast and so independent, it excites and frightens me all at the same time. This summer has been such an amazing year. Through my work, I have been able to continue my passion for photography and love. And through my family, I've begun to teach AND learn all about the world  with this little girl. My little love.

Here's to what has been an incredible 17 months, and here's to the next forever. Can't wait!


Arianna-17months-2Arianna-17months-1 Arianna-17months-4 Arianna-17months-5