200 pieces of us

This post is extra special. The is the 200th post on our blog, and I cannot believe we had more than 10 things to say! To those of you that enjoy our bits and bobs, thank you for sticking around and listening to all the things we share. Our very first blog was October 21, 2010. I had NO IDEA we have been blogging for a year and a half now. It feels like it was yesterday when us sisters were throwing around the idea of having a blog. A place to share our loves, our likes, our quirks, our stories and our adventures.

So, if we could do a celebratory online cheers, to you. The people that take a minute to read about us. You make us feel loved.

Since all blogs are better with images, here is a photo from a Eva + Rick's wedding. A couple who have been such wonderful supporters of us. Thank you Rick, Eva and Lily for inviting us to be a part of your wedding. You are not only fabulous clients, but wonderful new friends.

This is an image of little Lily while mom was getting ready for her wedding day.