Lauren + Adam Married

As she began to open the gift he had left for her, you could feel her emotions cut through the air. Trying to control her tears, her love, her joy and her pride for this man, as he had, once again, given her something she would cherish for a lifetime.

It was on their first anniversary, when Adam took Lauren on a flight that would end in a proposal. Being a pilot for the Canadian Armed Forces, Adam had fittingly first met Lauren after a long flight coming back from across the world. A flight he will always be ever-thankful arrived 'on time'. Just in time for him to meet the love of his life.

And now here they were, getting ready to marry each other. Ready to start this new chapter in life. Together.

The day began at Summerland Waterfront Resort, where Adam and Lauren had their first look on the pier overlooking Okanagan Lake. They were swept away to Poplar Grove to solidify their vows to each other. And then they celebrated over amazing food, amazing drink and the laughter and love of good friends and family.

Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of this journey. It has been my honor to know you and to give you these photographs, that will hopefully be the constant reminder of how special and beautiful this day was.