29 and counting

Thought it was about time to share my life-changing news on my little photo blog. And to make it photo-worthy, I did a little 'selfie' to show what is going on!Many of you know already, but for those that don't, this girl is all pre-e-egnant! Yes, we are having a little babe this April and are oh, so excited. At 29 weeks and counting, I can now say that I look and feel pregnant, but all in such wonderful ways.

I feel super lucky that the 'timing' in all of this is pretty perfectly selfish for my photography. This is all going down just before wedding season starts, so I'll be back at it this summer with all my lovely, wonderful couples. It will be different than ever before, but I have even more of a commitment to ensure I am giving each of my wedding days the attention, love and dedication they need and deserve. I can only imagine the eye-opening experience this will all be, and the love that I am about to experience, I'm sure, will only heighten my passion for love and commitment.

As the time ticks closer and closer, I am lucky to have some wonderful ladies that are sharing their tips and little bits and pieces of info from motherhood. But at the end of the day, I know Mother Nature will simply take her course. Me, babe and Ryan will learn as we go - as a team. A new family of 3. Nell-Belly