a paperclip exposé

cue: November, 2005The door opens, and welcoming me into the half-constructed building was this gorgeous brunette with free flowing hair, the brightest, most striped Lulu pants I had ever seen and comfy cozy Ugg boots. I was in pointed-toe pumps, dress pants, hair in a nice up-do, and all of a sudden extremely nervous that I wore the wrong outfit. I was applying to Lululemon, and I was wishing upon wish I could go home and change into my groove pants.

This was my first encounter with Sheila Chutskoff, the current owner of oranj Dance and Fitness Studio in Kelowna, BC. She was my store manager many moons ago when I worked at the fabulous Lululemon Athletica. I knew right away that Sheila was someone very unique. She was young, extremely motivated, super energetic and an incredible leader. She challenged us to grow and shape our dreams into reality, and because of the culture that surrounded the store, we became a little family, and we all inspired each other to chase our dreams.

Today, Sheila is celebrating her fourth anniversary of oranj, and she still amazes me with her drive and her spirit. One of the things that blows me away with Sheila, is her timeline. I'm not sure how she managed to fit all of this in, but since graduating highschool, Sheila has earned a business degree from Royal Roads University, she worked her way through Lulu to be the woman to open and manage the Kelowna Lululemon, earned her yoga instructional status, and now has owned her own fitness studio for four years. Oranj is doing so well that it is exploding at the seams! She has filled the studio rooms with incredible instructors of all genres, created a wicked smoothy bar and such great energy between her clients and her staff. Oh, did I mention she is still in her twenty's? And I can't forget to mention that between all of this, she still manages to fit in some serious travel time. Wow. Double, triple wow.

If you have not checked out Oranj, GO! If you need motivation for anything, GO! Take a yoga class, take a spin class! Grab a smoothy, sit and chat to Sheila and her amazing staff while checking out the cute products that line the shelves. And now Sheila is beginning to share her wealth of knowledge by offering coaching sessions on goals and business! You can check out her YouTube channel HERE. She is an inspiration, and I am so thankful to have met her and had some of her energy rub off on me!

Here are a few photos of this beauty.

Here are a few details of her fab studio! The studio is located downtown at 529 Lawrence Avenue.And I couldn't leave without capturing her puppy, Thelma, who is obviously a huge part of the Oranj family!


ps. each month I will be featuring someone amazing and inspirational within the Okanagan/Vancouver area. If you know of someone who you think would be incredible to read about, let me know! Send me a message to janelle@paperclipcollective.com