a paperclip exposé: bachelorette jillian

I'm not a celebrity photographer, I'm a wedding photographer, silly! But somehow, someone got my number, and this someone called me up to see if I had time to get a photo of Jillian Harris ('the bachelorette' from ABC's The Bachelorette) and her fridge. Come again? A photo of Jillian and her fridge? The celeb lifestyle magazine, VIVA, contacted me needing a quick photo of Jillian and her fridge and of course I said, YES!

It was for a healthy-eating story, so once I heard the details, it made sense and sounded cute! I rounded up an assistant for the shoot (aka. my cute little brother), to help with lights and reflectors, but also to be my wing-man just in case I froze in front of this famous person! I'd never met anyone famous! What would she be like? Is she lovely? Or is she only nice on tv, but maybe totally scary in real life.

I'm not sure if you recall, but last week, I admitted my shameless addiction to the Bachelor, and Jillian's season was no different. I remember watching her go through her c-c-crazy journey full of hunky boys with lots of kisses and helicopter rides. So when she opened the door, I could tell from her smile that she was just as lovely in real life as she was on tv! Down to earth, super sweet,  and even prettier in person!

With such a specific request from the magazine, we quickly went to work setting up Jillian's kitchen/fridge for the shoot. Being a wedding photographer, this was a bit out of the ordinary for me, but it was a lot of fun, and at the end I wanted to steal a few final images of Jillian in her amazing living room.

If you don't know, Jillian is an Interior Designer by trade, and has been on shows like Extreme Home Makeover and Canada's Handyman Challenge. So her place was to die for. Accents of teal, lots of white and bright colors. Wood, vintage-style side tables and so much more eye candy that I could even take in! I wish I could've spent more time photographing the details, because her place was absolutely inspiring!

Thank you Jillian for inviting us into your home! You are truly beautiful inside and out, and it was just a pleasure to meet you.

Wow. Bombshell, seriously. So gorg....And I couldn't not post one of our 'fridge' pics! You can check out the printed version in the current issue of VIVA!