A white dress + some chickens

There is something very sexy about a woman and a tractor. I don't know why, but it's just how it is. When I was asked to photograph a bridal shoot where we'd be putting our bride amongst a bunch of dirty, gritty farm equipment, I was obviously completely on board! I haven't had the chance to shoot just a bride very often. Admittedly, what has always drawn me to wedding photography in the first place is the connection between two people. I even tried to get us a groom lined up because of this! But, I am so happy the shoot turned out as it did, because this girl rocked it like nothing else. It was so much fun to be able to focus just on the bride. We had a stunning model, Alexis Feist (who is also a photographer), who did such an amazing job.

My goal during this shoot was to show off a few of the different nooks and corners of the amazing property, Caldwell Heritage Farm. It's an up and coming location for Kelowna, and I was, and always will be, so thrilled at the chance to shoot there. It is a farm that features an impeccably beautiful garden area that is absolute perfection when thinking about a ceremony site. Towering above is their gorgeous log home that acts as a stunning backdrop. And then there is the rest of it! Full of barns, new and vintage equipment, antique buggies, tractors, motorbikes, you name it they have it! And then there are the fields. Oh, the open fields... at sunset. Melt my heart.

And don't forget the chickens!!!!

Thank you Kristi Caldwell for asking me to be a part of this shoot. A big shout-out to Jenny McKinney, our make-up artist who always creates such magic. Our hair dresser, Kris from Inspirado Designs did a beautiful job on Alexis' tousled hair. And thank you to Passionate Blooms for creating a lovely bouquet for our bride.

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