Aidan + Cayley Married

The hotel was alive with wedding energy. The staff were setting up the beautiful outdoor tent that would make-up the dinner location for later on. The chairs were being placed on the beach for the ceremony, all the while, Aidan and her bridesmaids were up a few floors putting on their dresses and the boys were tying up their ties. It was almost time for Aidan to marry Cayley, and she was definitely ready and excited to see him at the end of the aisle. They had met a few years back during a night out at a local pub. Even though it wasn't until this past winter when Cayley asked Aidan to marry him, when you hear their story and spend some time with them, it is easy to see he had committed his heart to this girl a long time before that. In the few years they have been together, they have already encountered some of life's biggest obstacles. Through everything, they have been each other's support team and best friend, and they love each other fully...

I can easily say, the 'speeches' portion of this wedding may have been one of my favorite of all time. Not only were there a couple speeches that literally had me (and everyone else) in stitches from laughing so hard (namely the best man - so funny! And the groom's mom killed it - I was dying from laughter), but the amount of love in the room just made my heart melt. Every person under that tent was someone that meant the world to the bride and groom, and I can easily say that as one of the few 'onlookers', you could feel the connections, the support and the love between everyone. It made for such special moments and a ridiculously fun night.

I always love to see how the bride and groom are going to deal with the 'tinking of glasses'. For Aidan and Cayley, they decided that people had to donate to help raise funds for cancer research... and kiss they did! With the kiss donations, a donation from the couple in lieu of wedding favors plus other donations from their 'wedding team', they donated $1500 during the Terry Fox Run 2014! Such a wonderful idea to make such a special day just a little bit more special and meaningful.

Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of your night, and I hope you enjoy the photographs...

COLE-1 COLE-2   COLE-5 COLE-6  COLE-8  COLE-11 COLE-13 COLE-14  COLE-16   COLE-20 COLE-21 COLE-22  COLE-24  COLE-26  COLE-29  COLE-31 COLE-32 COLE-33 COLE-35  COLE-37 COLE-39 COLE-40 COLE-41 COLE-42 COLE-43 COLE-45   COLE-48  COLE-50 COLE-51 COLE-52 COLE-55 COLE-56 COLE-59 COLE-61 COLE-64 COLE-65 COLE-66 COLE-67 COLE-69

COLE-72 COLE-74 COLE-75 COLE-79 COLE-81 COLE-82 COLE-85 A little 'Thriller' rendition for their first dance really set the mood for the amazing party that followed!


Props to all the vendors involved in making this day so wonderful:

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Cove

Wedding Planner: Leona Smith

Make-up Artisty: Jenny McKinney

Videographer: PixelPro - you can check out their wedding video HERE

Florist: Castle Gardens and Design

Hair Stylists: Amanda Johnson and Amy Paxman (BB Hair and Nails)

DJ: DJ Shadow - Spencer Jones

Wedding Cake/Macarons: Sandrine's

Second Shooter: Amy Kaye

White Umbrella Rental: Vintage Origami