Alanna + Leo engaged

With just a few weeks to go till their wedding, I couldn't be more excited to share these engagement photos. Alanna + Leo are this great couple who know and love each other for exactly who they are. They are both in tune with their surroundings, and appreciate everything about mother nature. What I think I love most about these two, is they are simply themselves. There is no pretending or hiding behind anything... they are who they are, and I think in this world, that is often hard to do... For their e-session, we decided to go just up the road from their house to the stunning Missezula Lake. With their pup in tow, we wandered the lake and chased the sunlight.

Thank you two for having me along, and I hope these photos act as a representation of you and who you are together...

Bice-1 Bice-2 Bice-4 Bice-5 Bice-6 Bice-7 Bice-9 Bice-11 Bice-12 Bice-14 Bice-15 Bice-17 Bice-18 Bice-20 Bice-21 Bice-23 Bice-24 Bice-27 Bice-29 Bice-30