Alexa + Rick Engaged

Somewhere between the camp food, the cabin living, the crazy games, the sugar highs and the high-fives, these two summer campers found each other. It was summer break from highschool at the Young Life camp, and Rick managed to catch Alexa's eye through all the wonderful craziness that is 'camp'. And now, many moons later, they are preparing to celebrate a new beginning within their relationship. R+A are getting married, and now that I've had a peek into the window of their relationship, it is easy to see how perfect a fit they are together. This e-session felt like the exact fit for the two of them... outdoors, natural, and fun. Even though Alexa had on this sweet summer dress, we were traipsing through the prickles, climbing rocks and walking logs, with Rick to help her when necessary. It was pretty special to watch these two together, working through these little obstacles. He piggy-backed her, they laughed, they held hands, and we just wandered through the woods till we'd find a spot that just 'fit'.

Thank you two for having me along, and I can't wait till your wedding, which I know will be a very special day filled with a whole lotta love.

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