Alexa + Rick Married

The day was a celebration of a beautiful love. The beginning of something special... a journey together as husband and wife. Alexa and Rick met as teenagers and worked their way through high school as friends. But it wasn't until a couple years after graduation where they began to see each other differently. Summer 2012 brought a new light over each other that soon turned to love. They were engaged early this summer, and within 4 months planned a beautiful wedding in their hometown of Princeton.

Beautiful details made up the day with their family's support and love. They were married overlooking the valley, and even though the rainclouds followed us around, it made the snuggles a little bigger and let them enjoy each others' arms a little more.

We ended our afternoon at the airfield, where Rick just finished his pilot's license this summer. An important accomplishment before he and Alexa move forward into their life together...

Congratulations A+R on a beautiful wedding and what will be a beautiful marriage.  Nicholls-8 Nicholls-14 Nicholls-1Nicholls-21 Nicholls-5Nicholls-24 Nicholls-26 Nicholls-27 Nicholls-34 Nicholls-38 Nicholls-39 Nicholls-42 Nicholls-45 Nicholls-49 Nicholls-52 Nicholls-57 Nicholls-58 Nicholls-60 Nicholls-63 Nicholls-67 Nicholls-69

If you'd like to see more, please watch the slideshow below:

Rick and Alexa from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.