always a photographer, never a bridesmaid...

Well, that story has changed! And I couldn't be more excited... Christina's wedding is in serious countdown mode. Exactly 1 week from today, we will be sitting in our girl's cabin, getting ready for her wedding. The night before...

I'm titling this week coming up, Wedding Week. The amazingness of this week is starting today with the excitement of tomorrow. What is tomorrow? It's the day I pack for... nope, not C's wedding, but the fabulous wedding of Alyssa + Darin.

Ryan and I are headed off to Vancouver Island to shoot a wedding for a seriously gorgeous, sweet, lovely friend of mine and her fabulous hubby-to-be. I am so excited for this wedding for many reasons. Obviously I am excited just because it's Alyssa + Darin, but also because I love traveling to new locale's for weddings. I am always extra inspired when I am shooting in a brand new location, and I think I'm in for a truly amazing weekend.

Once the weekend is over, I am in official bridesmaid mode, heading back to the Okanagan to be a part of my sister's wedding. Technically, I will be wearing two hats throughout the weekend. I adore my job so much, that I will still be taking photos while I can. Ryan is going to be my bag-man extraordinaire! But my main focus is to be with my sister on her wedding day. To bustle up her dress, to touch up lipstick when needed, to provide water on a day when champagne is flowing... to just enjoy what is going to be one of the most special days in C's life.

Say good bye to wedding photographer Janelle.... Hello to one of the funnest days EVER! Bridesmaid photo courtesy of the crazy-ridiculous wedding movie, Bridesmaids, that I may have to watch this week for inspiration.

My photo courtesy of Amy Kaye!