Alyssa + Darin Engaged

I could see how much he loves her. I could see how much he makes her laugh. I could feel the connection between them that is calm and beautiful and real. Alyssa and Darin met fighting fires in the mountains of BC, and they got engaged 4 years later at the top of a mountain as Darin's knee dropped into the snow. Every part of their relationship is such an honest reflection of who they both are. And this engagement session was no different.

Most times, if the rain is out, an engagement session may get re-scheduled for a better day, but this time, we were getting it done. Rain or no rain. So, myself, Alyssa, Darin, Lucy (their beautiful puppy) and Mother Nature headed outside to work it out.

I do not think there could be a session that would reflect these two better. We got wet. We got muddy. There was no opportunity for it to be anything else but real. A little rain, a little mud, and a little love.

Thank you Lyss and Darin for inviting me to be a part of this. I cannot wait until your wedding in September, and I hope you enjoy your images.

Oh, Darin. This was Lyss trying to warm Darin up with a couple of smooches! He loved it...

Their beautiful puppy, Lucy.

This is probably my favorite image from the day. A kiss in the rain. Simple and perfect...



Stay tuned for the 'outtakes' from this session. I think there may have been an attempt at the Dirty Dancing lift, and some classic expressions that you are not going to want to miss! Happy Thursday!