And then magic happens

I've just gotten off the phone with a lovely wife-to-be, and I'm feeling humbled and very happy that they've decided to hire me as their photographer. Every time this moment happens, my mind quickly goes over everything that I want to ensure I give and complete for this couple... Most basic:

  1. I want to give a set of beautiful images that fully encompass the big moments of the day, all the beautiful moments in-between, as well as photographs that simply exude their unique kind of love.
  2. A personal presence that is calming, at ease and warm.
  3. A confidence for my clients in knowing I will do my job fully.

And within those, there are so many little details that allow me to accomplish this for people.


It starts with how many weddings that I allow myself to do each year. I have realized for me and who I am, I work best and give my best when I am not overworked OR underworked. Taking a set amount of weddings each year has helped me to give my clients an experience that I can feel proud of.

I have also had to focus in on what I feel I do best, which is wedding photography. I am a bit of a hopeless romantic and if two people are lucky enough to find love, I am so happy to be there to put those memories and that love into photographs.

I know that each photographer has their own unique style, and each couple has a unique kind of love. The challenge of having the right couples find me and choose me to be their photographer, is one of my favorite parts! Even though this part can also be challenging and difficult at times, it is well worth it.

Because when I know I’ve been paired up with the right couple, magic happens.