baby blackwell on the way

It's no secret that when a women is pregnant, she has a very special light about her. Even though it doesn't always feel that way AS the pregnant woman, that light is the most beautiful thing to see. And this is no different with Sarah. Sarah is this warm, heartfelt, thoughtful, beautiful person,  and then throw a gorgeous little baby bump on her?! It's almost hard to handle, how cute she is.

Sarah was visiting her hometown of Penticton recently, and even though she was just 6 months pregnant, I encouraged her to really push out that babe and get some photos done. I am so glad we did (normally a maternity session wouldn't happen till momma is almost ready to bust!)! But her bump is completely perfect in these photos, and I am just so happy and excited for S+T, as they await their little boy. Congratulations on this exciting step in life. Sarah, you are going to be such a loving mother (and Trev such an amazing dad), and we couldn't be happier for you.


 Blackwell-11 Blackwell-17 Blackwell-19 Blackwell-3Blackwell-27 Blackwell-29 Blackwell-37 Blackwell-42  Blackwell-57 Blackwell-60 Blackwell-62 Blackwell-63 Blackwell-65