baby hanna

It was just a few weeks before the arrival of little Hanna when I photographed Kat + Trevor's maternity session. At the time, she was just a tiny little bump inside her mom. We didn't know what color hair she would have, what size her little feet would be, how tiny her little nose was, or any of those beautiful little details. She arrived April 17th, and she was perfect. The new family of 3 came to the studio just 10 days after her birth, and I absolutely loved photographing her and her amazing parents. Here is just a sneak peek of Baby Hanna.

HannaB-3 HannaB-9 HannaB-13 HannaB-18 HannaB-23 HannaB-27 HannaB-29 HannaB-33 HannaB-44 HannaB-52 HannaB-56 HannaB-60 HannaB-64 HannaB-72 HannaB-81 HannaB-86 HannaB-93