The city of Barcelona is a busy, beautiful, grungy, old-world, new world city. From the dirty street corners at night to the awe-inspiring creations of gaudi, Barcelona is like a sweet and sour candy. It makes your eyes burst wide open, makes your lips tingle and your face crinkle, but you always go back for more. We had just 4 days to soak in as much of the city as possible. The first night, we thought we'd go out and celebrate over sangria and some tapas. What did we get? Sangria and randomly chopped up hot dogs with a few pieces of bread. Because Ry and I do not know Spanish, we definitely had some 'unforgettable' meals.

The next few days, we spent wandering through the great works of art such as Sagrada Familia and Guell Park, meandering through the back alleys of the Gothic Quarter, window shopping and trying to take in all the craziness of Las Ramblas. In the evenings, we would laugh and simply enjoy each other's company over a bottle of crazy cheap (but very very tasty) wine. Eat some amazing food, and eat some not-so amazing food, and watch the eccentricities of the city pass by.

The late afternoon sun streaming through the windows of Sagrada Familia.

The beauty of this light was enough to truly calm ones' soul.

Ryan's pic of me climbing down the tower at Sagrada. My pics of the open squares and alleyways in the Gothic Quarter.

Our late night Metro ride. Always entertaining.

The evening scene in Barcelona. Surrounded by beautiful light and intense amounts of garbage. By morning time? Cleaned and washed, ready for another day.

And the literal eye candy was something to be seen at the famous Mercat de la Boqueria. These are some of the more pretty sites. I won't post some of the 'meatier' things I saw that were close to putting me back on veggie food for life.

And lastly, a beautiful set of tiles found at Guell Park, created by Gaudi.

Part II - Barcelona complete.

Part III - be continued