beautiful you.

I'm not sure about most of you women, but the idea of getting into my skivvies and having a stranger photograph me 'trying' to be sexy or beautiful or whatever I am supposed to be... is a fairly terrifying thought. But there comes a time in most of our lives, where we want to take the time to capture what is, and can only be, YOU. Whether you are just about to be married and you want to give this as a gift to your husband-to-be... or you are single and fabulous and you know you deserve these photos for YOU. The idea of this is secretly something most of us would love to do, but can we do it without dropping trou?!

Thankfully, the art of 'boudoir' photography, or 'beauty photography', is not a set-recipe. It is whatever you make it. And for my photography, I want it to be beautiful. I want it to be sexy, but mostly, I want it to be natural and simply you.

I know for me, I need to be comfortable in any situation where a camera is in my face, let alone if I'm sitting in my knickers. And that is where we 'work it out'. Finding the confidence that makes each of us unique, and finding the fun and joy in everything... THAT is the goal. That is what will make these photos you will cherish.

To those women that are inquiring about what this is and if it's right for you, I hope this gives you insight into what it's all about! Here is a little style sheet that I think would make for an amazingly beautiful session.


1. Feather Fascinator - Etsy

2.  Jimmy Choo - Garland Glitter

3. Get cheeky - Victorias Secret

4. Satin blossom garter - Etsy

5. Lip Glass  by MAC  6. OPI Nails

7. Chiffon Robe - Betsy Johnson

8. Pearl Necklace - House of Bun