behind the scenes

I don't think this story would be complete without sharing some of the 'behind the scenes' footage from our little venture. Always a treat to see my goofy poses and stances when I go through Ryan's photos from the day. Thankfully when I squat, I keep my knees together! Whew! Uhhh, excuse me, Tim. You are in my shot. Tee hee...just kidding. I think I was in 'his shot'... and that's a good thing!

  As Tim called it, our awkward family photo!

The ladies behind the scenes...Melissa you are so professional!

And lastly, my wacky face that I normally give just to my hubby when he does something weird, but since he is my second shooter and my own personal photographer(haha), now this face is for the whole wide world(well, at least the lovely peeps that come to read our little bloggity)!

And I'm sad to say that Christina's beautiful face did not make it on film this day. Not sure how she managed that one! But, thankfully it won't be long before she's in front of my camera again... I believe it is actually 24 days and counting! So instead of digging up an older photo, you'll just have to wait!