As I arrived on location, I opened up my trunk of my car, pulled out my gear, flung it over my shoulder and walked through the side door. I was nervous. I was anxious and excited. I hadn't met these girls yet, but I was sure they would be fabulous... As I walked down the hallway and opened the door marked #3, I was greeted with masked faces, sticks and the familiar waft of hockey gear with a slightly sweeter smell than usual. It was ladies hockey night, and I had finally shown up.

I will admit, as I was getting dressed (I seriously must have looked like a beached whale trying to flop back into the water), I secretly wished I could bedazzle my jersey to have a few sparkles on it. And underneath all this crazy gear, I had to stay true to my love of Lululemon, sporting my ever-fab 'Wunder Under tights'.

Ready to hit the ice, I had a mini-giggle fit on the walk down the hallway. I'm sure the real hockey girls thought I was a kooke! But if you know me, you know these are senonomous with just being 'Nellie'.

Anyhoo, after a lot of blood, sweat and tears just getting into this hulk-like outfit, I was on the ice, and pretending to be a hockey player. I instantly could feel the 'attitude' taking over my body. I felt mean. I felt like it was 'go time'. I snarled my teeth, gripped my $10 Canadian tire hockey stick and it was GAME ON!

I bobbed, I weaved, and did a few cross-cuts and I chased the little black puck. I even scored a goal (admitedly, there was no goalie, and I was like a foot from the net, but hey! still counts)! But the best part? The absolute 'thrill'? That was the moment that out of nowhere, the puck was passed, and I managed to keep it within range of my stick. So, I giggled a little, but took off down the ice towards the other net. All of a sudden, there were people coming at me from both sides, and what the heck was I supposed to do?! So, I just tried to keep going forward... but all of a sudden, I was hit! I was hit!! I was HIT!!!! MY FIRST HIT!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! It was amazing! Down we went, me and this other girl. I giggled. She laughed. It was amazing.

So, thank you to the ladies of the Princeton Hockey team who let me come and pretend to be a hockey player for the night. But just prepare yourselves... next time you may be blinded by the fabulous-ness of my bejewelled jersey, 'cause the fashionista in me wants to play hockey too!

And as I sit here this morning writing this blog post, it just reminds me that in all avenues of life, it is so, so, so good for the soul to force yourself outside your comfort zone. To push! To challenge yourself to try something your not even sure you'll like! This figure skater went out, and instead of a pretty little sparkly dress, jumped into what felt like a million pounds of armour, and played the game called hockey. And it was fabulous.