Brian + Salish engaged

After three years of getting to know one another, Brian got down on one knee this this summer and proposed to Salish... Brian is an Albertan boy who managed to get this lovely BC girl to come live with him in Edmonton. After a while of long-distance dating, she finally was able to make the big move to the snowy city and make this thing official. They've been together in Edmonton for over a year now, and now with a beautiful engagement ring on her finger, they are getting ready to marry this coming summer.

S+B came to Penticton this Christmas to spend time with Salish's family, and I managed to steal them for an hour to do a little winter engagement session. We headed to Okanagan Lake and went for a stroll along the shore. I am absolutely in awe of the joy that they have together. It is no secret they respect each other so much, have so much fun together, are ridiculous and aren't afraid to show it! The cold temperatures encouraged lots of hugs, which wouldn't have been a problem anyways, but they definitely kept each other bundled when possible.

Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of your upcoming wedding. I know it is going to be an amazing day full of love.

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