cabbage rolls and hockey

As Ry and I drove home this morning from my mom's house, we were talking and laughing about the crazy Easter dinner we had just enjoyed last night. My mom is an incredible, incredible cook. She had created an amazing Ukranian dinner with all the trimmings. And normally, our dinners are great! A little sibling rivalry, a little joke, a little 'food' silence. You know, the usual! But last night, as many of you probably know, was the 6th game of the Canuck-Blackhawks series. The game was supposed to end at 7pm, so momma had timed her dinner to be prepped and ready to plate for 7:01pm. BUT, the 'Nucks couldn't quite get 'er done in the 3 periods they were alloted, so overtime it was. But Ukrainian food will wait for no-one once it's ready to go. And Christina and I were dying sitting on the couch, smelling the food simmering in the distance. So, we all gathered quickly to the table, loaded up our plates full of AMAZING food, and dug in.

Not before the hard-core hockey fans of my family scouted out the prime t.v watching chairs at the table. The game continued about half-way through my perogies, so instead of the usual dinner conversations, the eyes were darting between the t.v screen and the plates of goodness.

I was sitting across from Mark, Joel, Christina and Mike, and in my opinion, the more entertaining view of the night was watching these die-hard fans! The sudden widening of the eyes. The quickened chewing of the food. The little yelps, grunts and mumbles. The fork that I was closely watching in case it accidentally launched across the table in a moment of excitement.

But, alas, the Canucks did not win, and as such we got to have our key-lime simply enjoying the company of family. I am blessed to have a family that when we come together, it is just so great to be together again, no matter the circumstances. Always fun, always entertaining, and always full of love.