christina + greg engaged

They grabbed a plane for the weekend and flew from Edmonton to Kelowna for a chill weekend of wedding details and a little engagement session with me. Up till this point, we had only chatted on the phone since Christina + Greg are from out of town. I was excited to meet them and find out what they were like! And I will say, if C+G lived in the area, I would be wanting to hang out and share some wine, because I truly adored my time with them. They were so sweet to me, so willing to go, sit, stand, snuggle, walk, come back, go again, etc, etc, etc. And more importantly, I had the opportunity to see their relationship with each other, which was so lovely. They were so real with each other, a little goofy, super love-y, supportive and totally into each other.

Thank you two for taking time out of your weekend to walk around the Naramata Bench with me, and I hope you enjoy your photos as much as I do!

So sweet and so cute!A little goofy fun, but leaves always make a photo session a good time...My favorite of the day, and probably the last frame from our Red Rooster Winery stop...