Christina + Mike + baby

2 weeks from today is the due date. The due date for my very first niece or nephew to arrive into this world! There aren't words to describe how excited I am for my big sister to become a mother. She has been an inspiration to me, she is my best friend, my confidant, my kindred spirit. And to be there to support her through her pregnancy, and now through the final stages as she brings this little one into the world... truly, no words.

I was lucky enough to steal an evening to capture her beautiful self and her amazing husband, Mike. Thank you two for letting me be the one to capture these images for you. It is my honour, and I cannot wait to meet the little bean!

2 weeks and counting!


Neault-13 Neault-15 Neault-17 Neault-21 Neault-25 Neault-32 Neault-42 Neault-49 Neault-52 Neault-58 Neault-60 Neault-66 Neault-71 Neault-74 Neault-123 Neault-113 Neault-117 Neault-118 Neault-105Neault-109 Neault-145 Neault-152 Neault-158 Neault-165 Neault-160 Neault-184 Neault-174 Neault-191 Neault-196 Neault-199



A big thank you to Nicole Sweezey for an amazing job on Christina's make-up. She is the absolute best on bring out all that natural beauty in her clients.

Peach Dress: The Wardrobe

Blue Dress: Pretty Little Things