cleanse that!

January has been 'cleanse' month. Those of you that haven't ever done one, I seriously don't suggest it. Haha. That would be funny, hey?! But really, it is hard. I love sugar and sweets. I miss sugar and sweets. BUT, I will say that in many ways I feel a lot better! I have more energy, and my skin has actually been reacting really well to this obscene amount of water I've been drinking! Apparently it was thirsty. Now, we are well hydrated and loving it!But doing this cleanse for my body has got me thinking that maybe I need to do a cleanse in my business! First thing first. I need to cleanse my office and my computer. Oh, geez… And probably most importantly, cleanse my mind. In this journey of building Paperclip, even though it has been amazing, there are definitely times when I can get down on myself. I can let small little things effect my energy and discourage me to doing what is best for me and my business. One of the things that I have been pushing myself to do this year, is to go out and meet other photographers, which in general, has been amazing! I've met some crazy talented and such lovely people, and it has helped me out tremendously. But, of course, there are those times when I become the girl left out. The un-invited one. The one that maybe isn't as crazy or isn't as fun, and so the evite doesn't get sent to my inbox. And then I get all 'woe-is me' on my hubby. Thankfully I have Ry, because he always says something to snap me out of my funk. And that is… that the people who truly love me and support me will always be there, and I just need to stop worrying about what other people think of me, and focus on all those out there who do love me for who I am. Because when I take a minute to think about it, I am surrounded by awesome awesome peeps who think my dorky little things are kinda fun and cool. So there it be. Cleanse that! I've got two weeks left in this month, and I am excited to Get It On!

If you have time, leave me a note and tell me about what things you would like to 'cleanse' in your life?