danielle + mike married

The few days leading up to the wedding, the weather had us worried. But on the day of, the sun was shining and the rain held off. Danielle + Mike said their vows on the beaches of Lake Okanagan Resort, and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day. With an intimate group of family and friends, D+M enjoyed the day to its fullest. Mike and Danielle met four years ago, and when Mike asked D to marry him on Christmas Day in front of their family, she of course said yes! These two compliment each other so well, and I truly loved spending time getting to know this pair. They are Albertans, they love their family, they are ridiculous and thoughtful and I feel lucky to have been a small part of this wedding.

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To see more, please watch the slideshow below:

Danielle + Mike from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.

Kaitlyn and her team from Lake Okanagan Resort, you did an amazing job on making the day run smoothly. I know the bride and groom could not say enough lovely things about the experience...


Location  -  Lake Okanagan Resort Commissioner  -  James Harnden Make-up  -  Sublime Makeup Artistry Hair Stylist  -  Odette Ryder Wedding Cake - Cupcasions DJ - John Byrne