deb + mark engaged

It's a special treat when I come to an engagement shoot, and I'm greeted by not just the couple, but their kids! And in this case, their babies had lots of fur and 3 sets of paws. Deb and Mark traveled to the Penticton from Alberta for the weekend, and in tow they had their three pups that were completely adorable. They were perfect little camera-hogs, and I loved it. Eventually, we had to give the reigns over to my wonderful assistant, Nadine, and they watched their mom and dad from a distance. Right from the beginning of our shoot, it was easy to see the special connection between M+D. No encouragement necessary for cuddling with these two. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of whimpering from the sidelines, and all in all, a really wonderful afternoon.

Thank you two so much for taking time to come and meet me. I am already looking forward to your wedding!

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