This December was a month of many things. It all started on December 1st. Hunting for the perfect Christmas tree...

Then we finished off a solid week of work, trying to wrap up any projects with loose ends, and I'm not sure how, but managed to get them all done by the 10th. AND then, we were off on a jet plane. To the amazing island of Kauai for 9 days.

We met up with my family and we were the last to arrive. It was so great. First thing we did was take an ice cold beer down to the beach and enjoy our first drink of vacation watching the ocean. It didn't take long though, before the rain came in and we made a run for the hot tub. Eventually everyone piled in to the tub and this vacation had started off perfect! Over the following days, we soaked in as much of Hawaii as possible. I sat on the beach and would take turns reading my book, taking siestas, and trying my hand at surfing. And no, I am not one of those cool surfer chicks. I'm more like a big ol' monk seal trying to flop onto shore. Not pretty.

We arrived back home on the 18th, with Christmas just around the corner! Ry and I both had a bit of work to do before Santa's big day, so we quickly tried to get caught up! And then family began to arrive. Including us. We headed to our parents and spent our time with the ones we love the very most in this world. I was able to fit in some visits with some old friends and their new bambinos and I fit in as many snuggles as I could!

And now, here we are, just one day away from New Years Eve, and I cannot believe... Cannot Believe, it is almost 2012.

I am so excited for this next year to come, and I wish you all the best of days celebrating this next year's beginning.