december 1

The first day of the last month of 2011.This year is almost complete. I cannot believe that 2011 is almost over. I am desperately feeling the need to go over these past 11 months, look forward to where my goals will take me in 2012, and really take some time to reflect on everything! I learnt an important lesson many moons ago when I was lucky enough to work for Lululemon (hence my obsession with groove pants). Chip Wilson is the creator of Lululemon, and not only did he brand yoga pants, but he also branded what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. And me, I took to that like a bee to honey! It was 'required' that all us Lulu-er's participated in goal-setting sessions. We wrote out our goals, talked about our goals, and worked towards them together. Whether they had to do with Lulu or not, we were encouraged to follow our dreams. This is a big part why I love to shop at Lulu. Not only am I getting a sweet product that I love to wear almost every day ( I hate to admit that… but it's true), but I'm also supporting a company who is encouraging their employees to live a positive lifestyle and chase their dreams. That is worth every penny to me. After my 10 months at Lulu, my journey to becoming a wedding photographer began. All I can say, is stay tuned over the next month for a few posts from the best of the best of 2011, as well as some insights into where Paperclip is heading over this next year.  So excited! xo