dirty laundry

I'm not sure if it was the dangling lingerie, the beautiful red umbrellas, or the latino music, but I knew we had found something worth a Saturday stop. My dad took Ry, Christina and myself on a hike up in the hills of Summerland. We made it to the railway and decided to walk up the line, which eventually lead us to a sign that said, Dirty Laundry Winery crossing. The thought of a little wine tasting was heavenly for these dusty, thirsty hikers. So we cut up through the vines and headed up to the beautiful patio above.

Dirty Laundry has obviously recently renovated, and it is gorgeous! A huge patio where you can take your purchased bottle of wine(s), your picnic lunch, and enjoy while overlooking their vineyard and the Summerland trestle.

We called in our back-up, my mother, to come and rescue these weary hikers, as well as join us for the tasting! Once she arrived, we headed inside to taste the sweet nectars!

And they were good! My fave was the blush wine, Hush, as well as the gewurztraminer, Woo Woo. We definitely bought a few bottles, headed back down the hill and enjoyed sipping our wines in the oasis of my parent's back yard. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!

And to you brides-to-be out there... I don't think they host weddings yet, but if I were you, I would start harassing (in a very nice, subtle way)! This is one gorgeous outdoor location for a small, intimate-style wedding... just a thought!

Here are a few photos from our winery stop. Sorry for not having any hiking pics, because the scenery was amazing, BUT, I cheated and got our chauffeur to bring my bag to the winery so I didn't have to carry it. Lazy-pants, I know....

I loved this indoor-looking outdoor to outdoor window!

If you can't read that, it says, "I jiggle in all the right places."  And the little pin on Christina's shirt was proof that we had been 'pinned'. A cute little souvenir from the winery tasting staff!

This was one busy tasting bar at the winery! But don't be fooled, there was always room to squeeze one more!

And here is my family (well, part of my family). Dad, mom, Christina and Ry, and a couple of our Woo Woo bottles from the day.