Eva + Rob Engaged

This session really reminded me why I love to do engagement sessions. What I love love love about engagement sessions, is it gives each couple the chance to just 'be' for a while. Once we work out the initial jitters of getting their photo taken, of course! I love it when I can see the moment when a couple stops worrying about the camera and just starts enjoying each other. They take a breath, look at each other, and melt a little softer into each other.

In their own 'normal' clothes (not a wedding dress and suit, which is not regular attire for most of us), in a location that fits who they are, and spending some time focusing on each other.

As a photographer, this is my opportunity to get a feel for who my clients are. Come wedding day, I already know them and they know me.

Eva and Rob were absolute perfection this day! They are obviously an amazing couple, and they have such chemistry together. Both so thoughtful and so lovely. I loved every minute of this session between the orchards and the river.

Thank you two for having me as your photographer. I hope you enjoy your photographs and I cannot wait for your wedding in just a few weeks!

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