Eva+Rick Engaged

Lily was their miracle. A gift that was never supposed to be, according to the doctors. Rick and Eva met 2 years ago at work, and from what I gather, Rick really liked Eva. He chased her around, and was finally able to get that first date! It must've been written in the stars that these two should be together, because they had a truly special connection. So special, that they were able to prove Eva's doctors wrong. They may have thought she couldn't have a child, but someone else had other plans. Together, Rick and Eva started a family. Admittedly, it was a bit of a surprise to both of them, but this was a surprise that they will be thankful for the rest of their lives.

R + E were blessed with their miracle baby, Lily. And not long after Lily's birth, did Rick ask Eva to be his wife. Over Christmas, 2010, he surprised Eva with a ring, and of course she said yes!

Thank you two for inviting me into your lives and having me as your photographer. I can see you have a beautiful relationship full of respect, and Lily is lucky to have parents that love each other like you do.