family of 4

With the newest addition already 6 months old, it was time for a visit with Leah, Adam and their beautiful babies. I have known Leah since kindergarten, and Adam just a few years after that. We were all school friends, and it wasn't until after graduation, where these two started to be more than 'just friends'. They were married over 3 years ago, and had their first adorable daughter the next year. I managed to sneak in a mini-maternity session with them while they were pregnant with Lucy, AND we did their first family photo session once Lucy was about 4 months...

Now Lucy is 2, baby Georgia is 6 months, and I can tell that life is a little crazy, but in such a wonderful way. Thank you two for having me along to photograph these special moments in your life. I adore spending each moment with your girls (and with you too, of course), and I hope you enjoy these photos. xo

ps. happy birthday to my beautiful friend, Leah. I hope you have such a special day with your family. Sending lots of hugs your way...

Weber-1 Weber-2 Weber-3 Weber-4 Weber-6  Weber-8 Weber-9 Weber-10

Cutest face EVER!Weber-11 Weber-12 Weber-13 Weber-14 Weber-16 Weber-17 Weber-18 Weber-20

Lucy giving mom a kiss for her 'owie'. So precious...Weber-21 Weber-22 Weber-23 Weber-25