Family of five

A walk through the farm was the perfect backdrop to capture this family of five. Three little ones and two busy parents! As we walked through the fields, threw rocks in the pond, played tag and laughed over lots of tickles, it was easy to see the love within this family. Taylor (dad) had so much fun with all his little kidlets, and mom's soft spirit kept them snuggly. Thank you two for inviting me to have a little sneak peek into your family, and I hope you enjoy your photos!

Daigle-1 Daigle-2 Daigle-4 Daigle-6 Daigle-8 Daigle-9 Daigle-10 Daigle-34Daigle-12 Daigle-14 Daigle-15 Daigle-28Daigle-17 Daigle-18 Daigle-19 Daigle-21 Daigle-22 Daigle-23 Daigle-24 Daigle-25 Daigle-27 Daigle-30 Daigle-29  Daigle-31 Daigle-33  Daigle-35 Daigle-37