first birthdays as mom + dad

We may not be going out for fancy dinners, we may not be out on the town or having a big party. There may not be a fancy breakfast made-in-bed, but what there is... is a stunning little 3 week old babe to snuggle, to cuddle, to kiss, to hug, to love. She keeps us busy feeding her, changing her, soothing her, and it is turning out to be the best birthday week for us. To my husband, who's birthday was 2 days ago - I love you so very much... happy birthday my love.

And today is officially my birthday, so I figured as a little birthday present to myself, I'd take the time to go over our photos from the first few weeks, and create a little blog post of my new beauty. I know that I can't express in words how I feel about this little bundle. I am amazed at how beautiful she is every time I look at her. I have cried out of joy more times than I can count. I am simply in awe of my little miracle. With no further ado, meet Arianna Joyce.

Arianna-1 Arianna-2 Arianna-3 Arianna-4 Arianna-6 Arianna-7 Arianna-8 Arianna-9 Arianna-11 Arianna-12 Arianna-13 Arianna-14