french bread

Last night, Ryan and I enjoyed some homemade (not me-homemade, but my momma-homemade) turkey soup with french bread and havarti cheese. As I'm finishing off my last bite of creamy, cheesy bread, it sent me running to Pinterest to look up anything parisian. Anything french. I came across some of the most gorgeous images of one of my favorite cities, and some of the most beautifully inspired interior design. With no further ado, I need to introduce you to my new favorite blog, Dreamy Whites. This is a french farmhouse inspired living blog, that has done exactly that. Inspired me. The following images are all found from this blog, and they are ahhh-mazing. You can also follow them on Facebook here!

And this next image is a fine art photograph from an Etsy store. A Montreal photographer called Eye Poetry. Such beautiful work...

And this last image is also from Dreamy Whites, but is my perfect french outfit to stroll the farmer's market or have coffee on a patio, laughing and talking in french.

Hope everyone has a lovely long weekend!