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Most times, when a bride is walking down the aisle, I will often feel the emotion in the room. But, as the photographer, it is my job to 'get it sorted', and choke down those emotions so I can focus on my job. Create images that will be the memories for this couple. For this family. For the friends. But at this wedding, this time, as I sat in the chairs designated for friends and family, I couldn't help but let the tears fall. And even though I do try to look pretty fab when I photograph weddings, one of the most exciting changes of this wedding, was instead of my usual 'flats', I was able to pull out some high heels! And I actually will often wear a dress while I photograph weddings, but sometimes I have to sneak a pair of shorts underneath...just in case I have to get down and dirty on the floor. But not for this wedding!

I was able to have a glass of wine, and this was especially exciting, as the wedding took place at Summerhill Winery, where many incredible wines are created.

Even though I did sneak my camera with a 50mm lens in my purse, I did not bring it in hopes of taking many photos, BUT, I had to sneak just a few of the details of the day. Here is a few photos showing off the elegant decor. I loved loved the white wooden chairs! It is amazing how much difference there is in having the right 'chair'. Loved it. The cake was beautiful, which was created by a friend of the bride's. And lastly, and quick snap of the beautiful location overlooking Okanagan Lake.

Being a guest at this wedding made me realize how much I love my job, and I always feel blessed to be involved with the entirety of the day. As the photographer, you get to be there as the bride prepares for her day. You get to be there throughout the photo session, which is full of laughter and beautiful moments. You get to be there, beside the couple, as THEY experience their day and give your gift of photography to them. I feel blessed to do the work I do, and even at this wedding where I wasn't the photographer, it made me realize how lucky I am.

Lucky to have a job surrounded in love! Lucky to have friends who sometimes want to give me the opportunity to relax and enjoy as a guest. Lucky to friends who want me there to photograph. Just plain lucky.

Congratulations to my beautiful friend, Lori and her new husband, Jeremy. I know this is the beginning of an amazing life together for you two. xo

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