happy day

Today is a big day for my little photography business. It's the first official day of Janelle Photography.I know, I know... you are all wondering, 'but where is Paperclip Collective going'? Well, no worries, because WE are going nowhere. Christina + I have realized, that as both of our businesses grow and change, we both needed our own unique websites that better showcase our own personalities and strengths. But we are still under the ever-fabulous umbrella of Paperclip Collective. One day soon, you will see Paperclip come back to play with some new and exciting changes. But one step at a time! So, today is about introducing you to my new photography website and brand, Janelle Photography. Of course, the brand, the website, the blog, THE EVERYTHING is the work of Christina, who has become a guru in business branding and website design. If you haven't come across it yet, Christina has a gorgeous design website at Paperclip Creative, and is working on creating a special addition for her wedding work. That will also be coming down the pipeline in the near future, so keep your eyes and ears to the ground!

For now, please take a moment to cruise my new site! Watch the little video, check out the new galleries and feel free to leave me some feedback on what you think!

Janelle Photography - J Morcombe (1)