During our week-long trip to Cuba, Ryan and I wanted to go and see the big city of Havana. Our resort was a good 5.5 hour drive, so we opted for a 50-minute plane ride instead. We were only able to spare 1 day for this trip, so it was a long day, but I was thankful to have seen this part of Cuba. We arrived to the Havana airport, which was definitely not the main city airport by any means. We went to use the bathroom at the airport (which was actually more like an outhouse), and one look, we turned around and opted to wait it out. We had left our resort strip and entered a whole other world.

This was my first time scouting a new city on a guided tour, but I must admit, I loved all the knowledge our guide had on the city and on the Cuban people. There is so much history in that country and their way of life is very opposite to ours in Canada, so I was trying my best to download everything he was saying.

We drove around the city and stopped in a few key locations to walk around and soak in a little bit of the city. Here are a few of my photos from the trip. I wished I could've had 2 weeks with my camera to walk around Havana.

I'll start with the fabulous-ness of the cars and the roadsigns for horse and buggy...I'm not sure what caught my eye more, the building or the taxi.There were often people riding in the back of trucks, doubling (or tripling) on bikes, back of buggies. Whatever would get them from a-b.I have a bit of an obsession with photographing doors. I always see so much of a story...More doors.My favorite door from the day; a manicure and pedicure shop.The buildings and streets of Havana were beautiful, colorful, sad and destructive.

The people of Cuba were beautiful, colorful and full of love.

It is impossible to judge a city by what it looks like. I know it is the people who live within those walls that make a city what it is. A week was not long enough to even touch the surface of knowing the people of Cuba, but I am thankful for my time in that country and will await my opportunity to go back.