how to prepare for your engagement session

'Tis the season for engagement sessions, and I couldn't be more excited. With the snow finally melted and the spring buds making an appearance, I know it's time to start touching base with my engaged couples.Most clients have no clue what they really want to do for this session. A lot of times, they didn't even think they would get one, so the idea of an extra portrait session before the wedding is a new and exciting concept. The reason why I love engagements so much, is I feel it gives both myself and the couple an opportunity to get to know each other. It gives the couple a chance to practise being in front of the camera, and set aside an hour or so to just enjoy being in each other's arms. Wedding planning is such a fun time, but it can also be a busy, stressful time. So I try to encourage every couple to just laugh together, focus on just holding each other's hands and being a little goofy together. There are a few important details that need to be decided upon before the day of the shoot. The number one decision is WHERE. I always encourage the couple to choose their spot, as I think this lends to them choosing something that reflects who they are and what they like. If it's a couple from out of town, I will, of course, help with the process, but I always try to find out what they like, what they don't like. Second decision is WHAT TO WEAR. I love it when couple's choose something kind of unique and fun, instead of basic blacks. Colors and light, fun clothes can give depth to the images and brings life into the photos. Third decision is whether we KIS (keep it simple) or add some elements/props to the day. And I truly don't have a preference here. Most of my sessions are simply the couple and the surrounding environment, but the odd couple will bring a prop or a little set of things, and I really dig how some of those sessions have turned out. It can be as simple as a blanket, or a favourite book, a cup of coffee or whatever will turn your session into something that reflects who you are. Here are a couple images from some of my favourites sessions over the years. You'll notice some with props, some without, and all sorts of different locations.

I hope these photos show you that even though there are some helpful guidelines for what can make your session fabulous, rules are made to be broken! Happy planning!