i am woman.

It wasn't that long ago when women were NOT running their own businesses, women were NOT 'choosing' their vocations. I can't imagine what all of that would feel like, because I have always been taught that I can do whatever I want (aside from driving the boat when I was 14, even though my older brother Mark was allowed to drive the boat at 14…hmmm…dad, you've got some 'splaining to do!). But seriously, my family has always supported me and my siblings to do whatever it is our hearts desired, boy or girl (my parents were lucky - and crazy - enough to have 2 boys and 2 girls).

Today I wanted to quickly shout out to the women in my life that have inspired me. Firstly, my momma. The hardest vocation of them all: a stay-at-home mom for 4 crazy kidlets plus a part-time working woman. How? I have no blinking idea! Love ya, mom! Second? My big sister. Always someone I looked up to, and always someone I aspired to be like…and I still do! And the list is endless, from my Auntie T and JT, strong, beautiful women rocking the socks off of their careers, to my Auntie M, who I will always look to when it comes time to raise a strong, solid family.

To every woman out there who is working towards greatness, pushing harder, and chasing their dreams, thank you. The road has been cleared for us who are working' it out right now, and I only hope that we do the same for the amazing young women of the future.

Happy International Women's Day!