in my suitcase.

It's no secret I love to travel, and in 1 month from now, I am going to be on a jet plane back to the place where Ry and I celebrated our honeymoon. Kauai. But this time we are going with the whole Lazeski-pack. Yup, like a wolf-pack, but way cooler. In total, there will be 6 Lazeski's and 3 add-ons brave enough to travel with us! With just 25 days left, I am starting to think of what to pack. My goal? Think light. But there are 'musts' that have to come with me, no matter what. Here is the list of what MUST be in my suitcase for this trip to Hawaii:

1. a mini bottle of conditioner. hotels always always have the 2 in 1 shampoo, and trust me when I say, there ain't no conditioner in that.

2. $4 flip flops. what can I say? Joe fresh and I are tight!

3. A few cute sun-dresses. They work for daytime, and then just add a sparkly accessory and some sexy shoes, and you've got yourself a evening outfit too!

4. My camera. Of course.

5. Band-aids (just in case my winter-y feet reject the idea of $4 flip flops).

6. Old running shoes (so I don't ruin another pair of new ones in the red clay that makes up that island!)