in the fields

Trying to choose my favorite 10 images from this shoot was so hard! Rachel is my fashion guru. And I'm sure you can understand why. On my trip to Calgary, Rachel and I thought it would be fun to drive a baby-stroller full of clothes and accessories (yes, this girl has 2 children - and no, I don't know how she does it) down into the wilderness where we set up shop after 4-wheeling it into this open field. We had so much fun, just being completely creative and free with the shoot.

Rachel is a make-up artist, and I am encouraging her to get into being a stylist. Her eye for fashion and great finds is incredible. During my stay, she took me shopping, and we hit up the most fabulous stores. An Art Market that I absolutely fell in love with full of Etsy stores and amazing hand-made pieces! Then we walked down the street and found the best consignment stores(Peacock and Trends) full of beautiful, beautiful clothing.

I walked away from Calgary with a seriously amazing new wardrobe (many pieces from the Rachel-closet), and I haven't stopped wearing them since, especially this beautiful vintage-styled clock necklace that I think I have worn every day since it became mine.

So, with no further ado, here is just a taste of our shoot.

White sweater-tunic - Free People

White Scarf - a unique find from the island of St. Barts

Purple floral  wrap dress - Vintage find

Make-up products- MAC cosmetics

Style/make-up/hair - Rachel Jones