Kristen + Darren Engaged

He popped the question 2 years ago, and she answered with YES. With Kristen still in school, they decided to wait until she was finished, but that day has almost come, and now the official 6 month countdown to the wedding day can begin. Kristen is training to be a nurse, and after spending a little time with her, it is easy to see that she will shine within her profession. She has such a nurturing, thoughtful spirit about her. And Darren is this laid back, really sweet guy who makes Kristen very, very happy.

Since their wedding will be in the beautiful summertime, we decided to brace ourselves for some off-season portraits for their engagement. We were lucky to get a little sunshine that helped keep us warm, but after a little while in that Penticton-wind, we ended up inside warming up with hot chocolates and blankets. Thank you two for a great afternoon, and I am really looking forward to the wedding day!


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