laura + kelowna = love it

“The dress is basically trashed already, so we can do whatever!” Laura’s wedding day last June was a wet, wet day. Laura is not the type of girl to let anything get in her way, so she rocked her wedding day despite the weather, and had an amazing time marrying the love of her life at Summerhill Winery. Alas, her beautiful wedding gown took the brunt of it.

…still sparkly, but now with a little ‘attitude’.

Yesterday, while Melissa Craven, professional make-up artist, gave Laura a GORGEOUS smokey-look, we laughed and joked about the hem of her dress. Dirt, mud, and sequins. Classic.

So when the clouds moved in, I was hoping that Laura wouldn’t have to deal with rain and a wedding dress twice, but thankfully, the rain held off.

Laura and I toured around Kelowna, catching up and sharing stories, all the while I am taking photos of this amazingly beautiful girl.

She was willing to do whatever I wanted. Lay-down. Sit down. Jump, Bend...further…further…did I mention Laura is a yoga instructor at Oranj Studios in Kelowna? So that was fun!

Here is the proof that this girl (who claims she's not the most photogenic), is a stunning beauty. Stunning. Thank you Laura for a wonderful afternoon.

Props to Melissa Craven in turning this natural beauty into a glamorous bomb-shell, and thank you to Karen Wenzel for letting us adorn Laura in some of your amazing jewellery, now available at The Wedding Café.