lauren + rob married

They were married between the trees of Manning Park, and celebrated by sharing some of their first kisses on what felt like, the Top of the World. Having been together for over two years, Lauren + Rob have found themselves a great rhythm in the lovely little town of Princeton, BC.  Rob moved to Princeton in 2011 to open a new pharmacy in town, fell in love with a beautiful girl, and obviously has not looked back from his move from up north.

As Lauren prepared for the day with her sister and her bridesmaids, she was glowing and excited to see her groom. She looked stunning in her beautiful lace gown, and with just a few happy tears shed, it was time. Rob awaited his bride with their loved ones overlooking. They were married, and we spent the rest of the afternoon walking through the paths of this beautiful forest, with their amazing bridal party in tow.

Thank you two for having me along to enjoy this day with you. xo New-1 New-4 New-7 New-13 New-14 New-16The amazing cars of the groom and best man...  New-18 New-21 New-22We dodged puddles and mud as we walked along the paths, aiming to get out to a bridge that Lauren had her eye on... and I think it was very much worth the walk... New-25 New-34 New-36 New-43 New-45 New-46And then we came to what I felt, was the top of the world... with the sun, the clouds, and Rob + Lauren, it took my breathe away New-52 New-56 New-57 New-64 New-66 New-67 New-68 New-70


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Lauren+Rob from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.