We managed to have, what ended up being the worst, and funniest meal of our entire trip (well, except maybe the hamburger we ordered at the airport on the way home, which came without a bun. Yes, without a bun). We were searching for a restaurant called 'Chinitas' on Chinita Ave. I thought I had seen the street name, so we headed down the tight alleyway to a small area with 2 restaurants back to back. The restaurant was called something like "Ruana de Chinitas", so I figured, must be it! The waiters did look a little crazy, but sometimes what makes a gem a gem is their craziness! So, we sat and ordered our sangria. We ordered a few items that sounded good, and then happily drank our sangria while we anxiously awaited our tasty treats!

As the plates began to show up, my eyes jetted quickly to the side to see Ryan's reaction. Suddenly on our table, was a huge pile of green tomatoes covered with a lime green slime of sorts. This was quickly followed by what looked like a mini pie made completely of egg. No crust or anything (and as we soon found out, no real flavor either). And then the calamari arrived... ok, and then what I was most looking forward to, the deep fried prawns. Well, these babies were deep fried all right, completely in thier little carcases. Head, tail and even their little legs. Mmmm. Yummy.

Once the waiter (who we decided was really the cook who forgot to change out of his pyjamas before coming to work), left the table, we looked at each other and just burst out laughing. This was the most ecclectic group of dishes I had ever seen. But what the heck! When in Spain....

The tomatoes turned out to be pretty good! The calamari was fine. Nothing to write home about. The egg pie was, weird. And the little shrimpies...I peeled a few of them and ate the meat, but after that, I'd had enough. I mean, seriously, you order 'deep fried' to enjoy the crispy part, but there was no way I was going to shove one of those things in my mouth, dangly legs and all.

So we did the best we could without looking rude, finished our drinks and headed off down the street. This was when we came across the true 'Chinitas' on Chinita Ave. And yes, it looked fabulous.... ahh, next time.

Malaga was full of some amazing finds. We enjoyed cafe con leche every morning in one of the many cafes. We loved to see the orange trees in all the parks and walkways. We climbed the Moorish castle on the hill and took in some amazing views of the city. Was able to soak in the life and works of Picasso (Malaga being his hometown). And we even came across a Palm Sunday parade our last night in the city, where we watched the locals of Malaga celebrate the beginning of Easter week. It truly was a wonderful trip to another world.